Binary Economic (BE) Projects

Parallel Polis

Parallel polis was a term coined to describe the emergence of new social structures during the fight against totalitarianism in 1980’s Czechoslovakia. Rather than live in slavery to their communist masters, people created economic and social structures that ran in parallel with those imposed from above. When the authoritarian regime was toppled in the 1989 Velvet Revolution, many of these new structures segued into the freer society that emerged. 

New structures are already well underway online. For example, banker ‘news’ is being replaced by people’s news, that is open to instant feedback to help determine veracity. Other replacement institutions starting to flourish include Wellness Clinics, Local Currencies and Superior Schooling. 

Parallel structures are not of course isolated entities but work in tandem to resist and eventually replace the authoritarian state. They support each other and cross fertilize emerging best practices.

Heart of America

The Citizen’s Land Development Cooperative Act was passed by the Democrat majority Missouri State Senate, and signed into law by Republican Governor Mike Parsons; an example of how The Just Third Way can bridge the divide between political parties and peoples in America; and in other countries similarly at odds during this time of great change.

Community-Based Citizen Ownership of Land and Business Development

Objective: To demonstrate at the community level how the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks (starting with the St. Louis Fed), commercial banks and private insurance companies could finance sustainable economic growth, while creating equal capital ownership opportunities for every citizen. The Heart of America Project introduces a series of monetary and tax innovations targeting the systemic causes of poverty, racism and the growing gap in wealth, income and opportunity. If successful, this model would be replicated throughout the U.S.

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Other Possible Projects

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Abraham Federation

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Print Media

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